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HAJJ 2014

14 day package

25/9/14 to 9/10/14


Hajj 2014

24 day package

20/9/14 to 14/10/14


All packages include:


Air and ground transport between countries and cities


Draft cheque

Animal sacrifice

10 litres ZAMZAM water

1 set of Ihram garment per male pilgrim

guided tour to islamic sites in Madinah

  • Hotel in Madinah and accommodation in Aziziya district to be finalised

  • Females under 45 may not perform hajj without a male mahram over 15 years old

  • Elderly and frail persons must be accompanied by a fit companion who will take on responsibility of their care

  • Non English/ Arabic speaking persons must be accompanied by an Arabic/ English speaking person

  • Married couples need a police certified copy of their marriage certificate

  • Siblings and children need a police certified copy of birth certificates

  • Visa applications forms need to be completed and signed

  • Passports need to be valid and expire not before April 2015

  • 4 current passport photos per person (women must be veiled in photos)

  • Vaccination against Meningitis and Influenza

  • Certification letter from an Islamic organisation confirming you are a Muslim

  • We reserve the right to refuse any application if we dont believe the person will follow our terms regarding group behaviour and etiquette

  • Places will only be secured upon complete visa application and deposit


This years prices have been increased due to the visa quota reductions for Australia and the low Australian dollar. Visa quotas will be reduced again for at least a further year due to haram expansion works



1        25/9               Depart Australia

2        26/9               Arrive In Madina

3        27/9               Madina islamic site tour

4        28/9               Madina

5        29/9               Madina

6        30/9               Makkah Aziziya district (perfrom Umrah)

7        1/10               Makkah Aziziya district

8        2/10               Mina

9        3/10               Arafat (hajj day), Muzdalifa

10      4/10               Mina (eidd day) animal sacrifice

11      5/10               Mina 1st day of tashreeq

12      6/10               Mina 2nd day of tashreeq

13      7/10               Return to Aziziya accomodation

14      8/10               tawaf wadaa depart from Jeddah



1        20/9                Depart Australia

2        21/9                Arrive in Madinah

3        22/9                Madinah islamic site tour

4        23/9                Madinah

5        24/9                Madinah

6        25/9                Madinah

7        26/9                Madinah

8        27/9                Madinah

9        28/9                Madinah

10      29/9                Madinah

11      30/9                Makkah Aziziya district peform Umrah

12      1/10                Makkah Aziziya district

13      2/10                Mina

14      3/10                Arafat (hajj day), Muzdalifa

15      4/10                Mina (eidd day) animal sacrifice

16      5/10                Mina 1st day of tashreeq

17      6/10                Mina 2nd day of tashreeq

18      7/10                Mina 3rd day of tashreeq

19      8/10                Return to Aziziya accommodation

20      9/10                Makkah Alsafwa Royal Orchid hotel

21     10/10               Makkah

22     11/10               Makkah

23     12/10               Makkah

24     13/10               Tawaf alwadaa depart to Jeddah airport

Hajj Visa Application



The hajj ministry has indicated that every individual applying for a hajj and umrah visa will have to personally attend to Canberra for biometrics.


Biometrics is a fingerprint and eye retina scan.


The purpose of this is to minimise airport wait in jeddah and Madinah airports as well  as to increase security for pilgrims.


If this law is apllied all applicants will have to go to Canberra at their own expense for this process.


Australian hajj agents have only been advised of this change, if it comes into law for year 2014 we will be informed in June or July. in turn we will inform you.